First and foremost our program's main objective is to honor Christ in all we do, on and off the field.  With that, we expect our players and parents to adhere to a code of conduct that demonstrates this objective.  This is a constant throughout all our organization's teams, please review the Parent's Conduct Code attached below.  If it is something you're not comfortable with, then we aren't the program for you because it is non-negotiable.

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Secondly, we strive to play competitive team baseball.  Winning isn't everything, but if you're not going to try and win, there's no reason to play the game.  It's not if we win or lose, but how we win and lose that's most important.  Christ first, teammates second, me last. We not only want to develop good baseball players but Godly young men.  We hope that the relationships they develop with their other brothers in Christ while playing competitive baseball will last a lifetime.   Once a Patriot, always a Patriot. 

Four Pillars

Honor God

Play Hard

Play Smart

Have Fun

Homeschool Program

Our homeschool program is affiliated with MSHSAA, which allows us to play against local public and private schools.  Our homeschool program includes varsity, junior varsity, freshmen, 8th grade and 7th grade teams.  All players must be homeschooled to participate on one of these teams.   The season corresponds with the MSHSAA spring baseball season and runs from March to mid-May.   The number of games played will vary from team to team.

Summer Program

You do not have to be homeschooled in order to play with one of our summer or SLABA program teams.  As stated before, we are a Christ-centered program and you must agree to adhere to our conduct code.  Our 14U and younger teams will start their seasons in April and they'll finish in late June or early July.  They all play in local athletic associations and may also play in a local tournament or two.  The association and tournaments that the teams play in are determined by their respective coaches.   

Softball Program

Just as with our youth baseball teams, you do not have to be homeschooled in order to play with one of our summer teams.  As stated before, we are a Christ-centered program and you must agree to adhere to our conduct code.  We currently have a 10U and 8U team, we are looking to expand to all age groups and have them play in local athletic associations for the spring/summer season.  We would also like to add homeschool teams to compete against local schools in the fall.    

SLABA Program

In addition to our youth summer teams, we also have 13U, 15U and 18U SLABA teams.  These teams compete against other SLABA teams in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.  The season consists of 14 league games and a year-end league tournament.  We may also play some additional games against local legion/select/travel/showcase teams, along with a couple of local tournaments, this will be determined by their respective coaches.  Their seasons will start at the end of May and finish sometime in July.

SLABA website 

Fall Season

We use the fall season as a tryout for our homeschool program.  Due to this, our 18U-13U teams will be filled with homeschool players first.  12U and younger teams are handled just like our summer program.  You do not have to participate in the fall in order to play for either our homeschool or summer program.  Generally speaking, for the younger teams, the fall season is just for players that strive to improve their skills and would like to play more baseball with their brothers in Christ.   All teams play in a local athletic association determined by their respective coach.  The season starts at the end of August and usually ends mid-October.


Tryouts are only required for homeschool students that choose not to participate in the fall but wish to play for one of our organization's homeschool teams.  This tryout will be scheduled sometime in the fall.

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We would like to continue to expand our summer and softball programs, but finding Godly men/women to coach these additional teams is of the utmost importance and imperative for us to do so, prior to expanding. 


Please contact us if you'd like more information on coaching, playing or anything else pertaining to our organization. 

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